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Syreeta, July 16, 2004, from Quinn...

I just happened to hear the sad news in a blurb on KJLH the other day. Much, much more shouldv'e been said about Syreeta's passing in the media everywhere. The brilliant songs she conceived and gave birth to, her voice that was and is so extraodinarily clear and beautiful, were both God-given gifts that she shared. The general public should be made aware of all of her contributions... 58 is very young still, but I know she's in a better place, free of the pain and torment of cancer and the pains of this world, with the Lord, forever. My condolences to all who knew her well and loved her dearest, to my heart Stevie Wonder, her family and her fans the world over that she leaves behind. May the Peace of God comfort and sustain you all.

Quinn Jones