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Shirley Murdock was discovered by Roger Troutman of the group Zapp in the early eighties. She became a member of Zapp and appeared on several of their albums. In 1986, Troutman produced her first solo album "Shirley Murdock" out of which came her biggest hit "As We Lay". Troutman also produced her only other 2 albums "A Woman's Point Of View" (1988) and "Let There Be Love" (1991). All three albums were on the Elektra label.

Today, Shirley Murdock is a born again Christian. After an eleven year absence from recording, she has just released a gospel album called "Home". Check out her brand new official website, Ms. Murdock's Place.


Shirley Murdock!
Released 1986
Elektra 60443

A Woman's Point Of View
Released 1988
Elektra 60791

Let There Be Love
Released 1991
Elektra 60951

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