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During a career that spanned the period 1977 - 1995, Phyllis Hyman made dozens of TV appearances. These included interviews and live performances. Here is a list of appearances that I know of. If you know of any others, please e-mail me.

  • Video Press Kit (1991) Phyllis interviewed in between excerpts of clips.

  • Phyllis on Arsenio Hall 1992

  • Phyllis on The Home Show 1992

  • Movie: The Kill Reflex(1989)- Phyllis has an acting role as well as sings one song in a nightclub scene.

  • Movie: Spike Lee's School Daze - Sings one song "Be One".

  • BET Video Soul Christmas special Dec. 92 (Phyllis sings Meet Me On The Moon, Silent Night/Joy To The World + interview)

  • Video Soul: BET Interview May 1990 (Phyllis sings Obession live with Lonnie Liston Smith)

  • Attitudes (talk show) 1990 interview with Phyllis

  • Letterman Show Nov. 1986 (1 song and interview)

  • Today Show Dec. 86 (interview)

  • Ashford & Simpson Special 1988 (1 song with the allstars)

  • Phyllis and Melba Moore sing "Superwoman'" as a tribute to "Gladys Knight".

  • Macey's Thanksgiving Day Parade , New York 1981 (It Don't Mean A Thing, a duet with Gregory Hines)

  • Phyllis on Johnny Carson "Tonight' show 1987(2 songs)

  • PBS: 100th. Anniversary Tribute to Eubie Blake (2 songs) 1983

  • Barry Manilow Swing Street Special 1988(2 songs)

  • "Soul Train" (2 songs & interview) 1992
  • Phyllis on "Diva" week on BET TV

  • Phyllis on the Martin Luther King Birthday TV tribute (singing "Gonna Make Changes')

  • Arsenio Hall with Grover Washington Jr.(Sacred Kind of Love)

  • Showtime At The Apollo with Grover Washington Jr. (Sacred Kind of Love)

  • One To One Telethon on PBS (Somewhere In My Lifetime) 1982?

  • PBS: Sacred Music of Duke Ellington 1983 (2 songs)

  • Sophisticated Ladies on Broadway 1982(5 songs)

  • Interview with Phyllis, Hinton Battle and Judith Jamison on BET's Today's Black Woman Show (Hosted by Freda Payne)

  • "Nitelife" show with David Brenner, 1986 (1 song Living All Alone & interview)

  • "Essence" Interview, 1986

  • Ebony Jet Showcase interview, 1987

  • Ebony Jet Showcase Interview/Profile, 1991

  • New York at Night int/discussion, '91

  • Japanese TV: Phyllis Hyman - Live At Tokyo Blue Note 1990.(around 50 minutes)

  • City Lights: Sings 3 songs.

  • Tonight Show With Johnny Carson (performs one song from Sophisticated Ladies) 1982?

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