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Michael Henderson Remembers Phyllis Hyman

Michael Henderson is well known to all Phyllis Hyman fans. His duets with Phyllis "We Both Need Each Other" and "Can't We Fall In Love Again" are Hyman classics. I subscribed Micheal's e-mail address to the newsletter back in November 1997. In response to Richard's mentioning in the last newsletter that we have not yet heard from him, Michael wrote the following:

This is in response to your e-mail. You're right, I haven't responded because there is a lot of history there and it is very painful to remember it all since she is no longer here. I first met Phyllis in New York when we were working with Norman Connors on the "You Are My Starship" album. She was beautiful, classy, and we were both very tall.... She was extremely talented...I wrote and sang the title song "You Are My Starship" and I also wrote a duet for Phyllis and I to sing together , "We Both Need Each Other"... That's where it all began/ we toured together, we enjoyed working together and sometimes it was very tiring and stressful but it worked out for both of us... I think we have all suffered a great loss especially her family and close friends. I truly hope that Phyllis has found the peace and happiness that eludes a lot of us in the entertainment field. God bless all of you for remembering her in your thoughts.

Michael Henderson

This article originally appeared in the Phyllis Hyman Internet Newsletter. E-mail me if you would like to subscribe.

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