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Ashton Photo Gallery

Photos From Chrigel Burkhard

Chrigel Burkhard played with Tony Ashton at numerous gigs in Switzerland in the period spanning 1985 to 1990. He sent me these photos along with an article that you can view here.

  • chrigel1.jpg
  • chrigel2.jpg
  • chrigel3.jpg
  • chrigel4.jpg
  • chrigel5.jpg
  • chrigel6.jpg

    Photos From Kjell-Tore Sandersen

    These photos were taken by Kjell-Tore Sandersen at a gig that Ashton did with Bernie Marsden in Porsgrunn, Norway on Friday the 24th. of January 1997.

  • Kjell 1
  • Kjell 2
  • Kjell 3

    Resurrection Shuffle With Linda Hayes

    These are scans of the front and back sleeve of the single Ashton did with an American singer Linda Hayes in 1982. I had never seen these before so it was a special treat for me! Thanks to Richard Flood who scanned them and Chris Poustie who sent them to me.

  • Front Sleeve
  • Back Sleeve

    Svante's Photos From Hell 97

    These are some of the photos that Svante Petterson took at the Hell Blues Festival in 1997. Thank you Svante for letting me use them!

  • Hell 1
  • Hell 2
  • Hell 3
  • Hell 4
  • Hell 5
  • Hell 6

    If you have any Ashton photos that you can send me, please e-mail me so we can put them up here.

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