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News About Tony Ashton's Artwork

March 29 , 1998

Click here to see a painting that Ashton did for Eddie Hardin's 1996 CD "When We Were Young".

March 9 , 1998

A Tony Ashton exhibition is taking place at the Hotel Post in Zermatt, Switzerland from March 9 until April 1st. Click here.

Jan. 9, 1998

You can now see 3 of Ashton's paintings at the Deep Purple Family Tree site. Also details about how you can order high quality prints of his work. Go to:

Tony Ashton Art Work

Dec. 16, 1997

Ashton Art Exhibition: More of Tony Ashton's artwork will be shown at Chris Evans' Well Hung from the 13th. of January until the 21st. of February in an exhibition called "Well Hung and Gamey".

If you happen to be in London check it out:

Well Hung
39 Ledbury Road
Notting Hill
W11 2AA

And please e-mail me if you do and let me know what you see!

Thanks To Dave Hodgkinson for the information.

Dec 3, 1997

Chris Evans Promotes Tony Ashton's Paintings: During the last couple of years, DJ Chris Evans and Tony Ashton became good friends. Ashton became a regular at the set of TFI Friday. Evans, a fan of Ashton's artwork, recently launched the "Well Hung" art gallery in London's Notting Hill. The London newspaper, The Evening Standard, wrote on 2 December the following:

The inspiration behind his decision to rent the Notting Hill gallery is struggling artist Tony Ashton. "I think he is brilliant. But he has never been able to sell his paintings to anyone else, so I decided to exhibit his work."

This move on Evans part was very good exposure in London for Ashton's paintings and hopefully introduced many art buyers to his work.

The news item in the Evening Standard however, was quite disturbing to me. By referring to him as "struggling artist Tony Ashton" without any mention of his credentials as a musician and a veteran UK rock star, shows either complete ignorance on the part of the "Standard" or just intentional refusal to acknowledge the man's past achievements.

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